Social media is broken.

We humans need a way to connect with each other. We want to share our joy. We want support when we are in pain. We want to deepen our relationships with our friends, families, and communities.

Unfortunately, doing this in a healthy way is really hard: we have relied on the big social media platforms to stay in touch, but they are built on bad incentives. Meaningful connection isn't about maximizing likes, clicks, views, and "engagement" – but selling ads is. These companies don't make communication tools, they make brain-hacking machines that creep through your data to sell your attention to advertisers.

The result is an exhausting, unpleasant status quo that actively damages our health and safety. It hurts our relationships, influences our behavior, and divides us algorithmically. Ultimately, it tears the fabric of society apart.

These are... big problems.

So we're trying to build something better – a new way to keep in touch with the people we care about. Something fun, inclusive, delightful, and that doesn't play off our anxiety.

To do that, we need to rethink the business model. We want to align our incentives with your happiness. If our service were funded by ads, we'd have to build a service for advertisers, not for you. So we're going to ask you to be our customer directly for an accessible price. Together, we can change the incentives entirely.

So that's the plan, and we're working on it right now. If that sounds exciting to you, please join the beta or come work with us.

With your help, we can build something incredible.